Hello! I'm Dimas Abimanyu, a Software engineer from Medan, Indonesia.

Over the past 5 years, coding has developed into a passion of mine, specifically, in the realm of web development. I've dedicated my time to gaining proficiency in all intricacies of web development in order to better myself as a developer and problem solver.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

React Js,Gatsby Js,Javascript (ES6+),HTML & (S)CSS,Bootstrap,Laravel,Wordpress,



Web Development

Want to turn your idea into the next big thing? I design and develop with your business in mind, putting you in control of your content.


Do you have a nice design in photoshop or even sketch? Contact me and I'll convert them into fully responsive, nice looking websites!


Specialists in CMS web development using Wordpress. Millions of website today are built on top of Wordpress, yours can become the next one!

Featured Projects

Featured Project

Hotel Reservation

A website for booking hotel rooms online and by telephone. Built with React js and Contentful headless CMS to store the data. I also use styled component to style the front end.

HTML & CSSReact jsContentful CMS
Featured Project

Github Profile

A nicer look at your GitHub profile and repository stats with data visualizations of your top languages and stars. Sort through your top repos by number of stars and forks.

React jsGithub APIFusion ChartsStyled Components
Featured Project

Covid 19 Tracker

A website that provides information about covid 19 cases around the world. The data sourced from disease.sh api and displayed in chart form with chart.js.

React jsMaterializeDisease APIChart.js
Featured Project

Portfolio v3

Third iteration of my personal portfolio website. Built with classic HTML, S(CSS) and Javascript, hosted with github pages.


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